Tuesday, March 23, 2010


As a fun filled weekend project, my Husband and I (oh and the two kids and dog!!) decided to take down the tree at the end of our driveways.

Our driveway is dirt, and has drove me nuts for years. To get the driveway paved, we needed to get rid of the tree to widen it, and remove the roots that are popping up at the end.

We figured that with a chain saw, we would be done in a couple hours.


It took us two days!!!

We started with the top branches. They were easy to cut, but very nerve racking. We live in a town where the houses are very near each other. With the branches being as large as they are, there were many times we came close to hitting my neighbors cars!!

We got the branches down safely without any accidents!!!
We didn't realize how many branches there were until they were all over our yard!!

Then Ben tried to tackle the trunk.
This tree would not budge. He cut for over an hour to no avail. So we called it a night.
The tree was strong enough not to fall when we went to bed (we hoped!!)

The next day, Ben went at it again. Still no movement.
Our neighbor (named Ben as well!!!) came out to offer some help.
Neighbor Ben and his Father brought some extra chain saws over.
With the three guys working we finally got to yell.................


Once the tree was down, it was fast work to chop it up and haul it away.
After the tree came down, we noticed the tree was very rotten.
That was the reason for My Ben having soooo much trouble trying to drop her!!

So after a couple more hours of clean-up, we got the yard back to normal.

To us the yard looks much bigger!!!
Now I cant wait to get my new driveway!!!


Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Nice took a team...haha

I am having a little "Blue Monday" might want to pop over a take a look. Loved visiting! Have a terrific week!

Stay Cozy, Carrie

Jessica said...

Looks great!

Agnes said...

Looks like a nice improvement! :) and it's always nice when some neighbours help out, it makes the job so much easier.

But I dropped by to tell you that those awesome bath products arrived yesterday, they smell heavenly! I didn't expect them to smell THAT good :) I hope that they will last me a while or that I can find them somewhere else in the future so that I can have some spares, because I will be using them a lot :) My sister already tried to snatch one away and my mum loved both, so I need to be careful :P

Thank you again! And they got here really fast as well, just took them a week to get them to me <3 I'm really happy with both!

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