Thursday, February 18, 2010


You got to love this show!!!!

Jerri and Coach are displayed as being close again. What a weird combo!!

The Villains need to get their act together or they are going to suffer big time!!! I cant believe they still don't have a shelter after 4 days!!!

Rob is down. Not good. He is the only one who does anything on that tribe!!!

His crying I thought was a little too much though!!! At least he could make fun of himself for that! And he's not out of the game!!

I like it better when they do both rewards and immunity challenges separately. Not combined like today's.

Building a stairwell seems easy, but in the past teams have had alot of trouble doing this.

Hero's just cant communicate at all!!!! I am glad the Villains won. They at least work together!!

I am glad James spoke up. Someone needs to straiten them out!!!

I love the power struggle between Russell and Rob. Rob gets a clam, Russell gets a Chicken!! lol

I love watching the alliance scramble!!! I try not to pay too much attention to it, because when they get to tribal, its never who I thought voted out anyway!!!

It's very sad to me that they are all at each others throats already. I really wish Colby would keep his mouth shut. I don't want to see him gone!!!

Up until the reading of the votes, I was at a loss as to who was going home. I am glad that it was Stephanie though. She was driving me nuts.

Steph and James fought till the last second!!!! Quite funny!!!

So on that note, I am sorry to say that Paperology has been eliminated!!

Thank you for playing and I cant wait till next weeks episode!!!


Missy | Literal Mom said...

Keep the good updates coming - I won't be watching this for awhile due to giving up TV for lent - glad I'm "surviving" on the contest!

Anonymous said...

I should not be reading this as I cannot watch the episode until tomorrow once it is posted on the internet.
I just could not stay away.
Once again, I do not see anything about Candace she must still be hanging back.

Sarah Coulsey said...

Lol Missy!!! Atleast you can "watch" on here!!! I gave up alcohol, but that is kind of silly cause I am not a drinker at all!!!!

Candace is hiding under the radar Buttons. I hope for your sake she lasts!!!! She is a swing vote right now, so she should last a couple more weeks atleast!!!!

Susan Cook said...

Hi - Go Coach! That's who I'm playing for. Even though he is not really my top choice. I love Boston Rob!

I didn't want Stephanie to go. Please - I hope next week they get rid of either James or Rupert! They both drive me crazy!

Hope you have a nice weekend!

Rebecca said...

Had to wait on all the family to get together before we could sit down and FINALLY watch Survivor last night.
Poor Boston Rob, but I have to say the excuse of saying he was being to nice and that caused him to be sick....Come on, I am a die hard Hero, Can you ever be to good?

Coach and Jerri,,,,,,BLECK!
Coach and anyone.....BLECK!

I do not like that JT is changing his stradegy. He seems to be crossing over, not sure I like this side of JT.

Even though I am a die hard hero, I like Tyson....He cracked me up when he said run over rupert's toe.
It was short and sweet but I caught it. My daughter laughs do hard at Tyson. I hope they hone in more on Tyson's dry humor.


Well, until next week!
Rebecca @Buttons and Bows

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