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Friday, February 15, 2013

Post Office And Saturday Delivery

Last week, the Postal Service announced that they will no longer be delivering First Class Mail on Saturdays starting in August.  

They have been playing around with the notion that getting rid of Saturday Delivery would save them a lot of money.  Anyone who works for (or in my case had worked with) the Post Office knows that is not the case.

Routes on Saturdays are mostly delivered by substitute carriers.  It is their only guaranteed day of work.  With the Post Office now only delivering packages on Saturdays, there is no need for all of those substitutes.  A lot of people will loose their jobs.

Even with less carriers, the Post Office is NOT going to save any money.  All offices will still be open, trucks will still have to run to each office to bring the packages, carriers will still have to deliver, and clerks will still work.  How would this save them anything??

I can personally name 100's of ways for them to legitimately save money without job loss.  Cut out overtime for bulk mail center employees, managers, city carriers etc.  Shut off lights in each office at night (my old offices electric bill was over $2000 a month!!)  Make a deal with one type of gas station, and work out a discount, or just use a rewards card at the pump.  Pay the Post Master General less (he makes over $500,000 a year)  To me these are smarter ways to save, but I use logic so that wont work for them!!

People are also not realizing that with mail only being 5 days a week, you will get your mail each day later and later.  Especially at Christmas time.  Rural Mail Carriers DO NOT GET OVERTIME.  At Christmas time they average 10-12 hour days (where most only get paid 8-9 hours a day) because they work on salary.  The carriers are now going to be working a lot more hours daily, and more mistakes will happen because of it.  

Oh and for the people who complain about the cost of a stamp, shame on you.  46 cents to deliver a letter from one side of the US to the other is CHEAP, especially when you consider how much work goes into delivering that one letter!!!  

I truly believe that the Post Office is making a big mistake with this move, and I am very sorry for all of my friends who will suffer because of it.

What do you think??  Are you for or against no Saturday delivery??

This post is written by Sarah Coulsey. She is a Wife, and Mother of two boys living in New England.

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