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Friday, July 27, 2012

Driving To Florida With Two Kids Project Day Eight

Being the last day in Florida (we had to start heading home that day,) we decided to get a little shopping done before heading out.

We first went to Target in Kissimmee. We have found that you can get a lot of great Disney T-shirts at Walmart or Target for a lot cheaper then Disney itself. With the kids growing so fast, and getting sooooo dirty all the time, I can't see spending $20+ a t-shirt for them to only wear it a couple of times. This way they still get a Disney shirt, just at a cheaper price.

After Target, we hit Downtown Disney. Each year that we go to Disney, I have to get a Christmas Ornament and Magnet for the year. We have at least two trees in our house each Christmas, and one is full of just Disney ornaments!!!

While we were at Downtown, we just had to have a snack at Ghiradelli, and we had to compare hands with celebrities.

Doug is comparing his to Arnold Swarchenegger, and Ben to Charlton Heston!!

This picture is of the jeep from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. One of Ben Sr's favorite movies!!

After Downtown, we hit a couple more stores (small gift shops) to get fresh oranges and then started the long trek home!!

As we approached Daytona FL, I remembered that you could drive on the beach. Well we had never done that, so we took a quick detour, and did just that!!!

Subliminal messages anyone!!

We left Daytona, and that day made it all the way to South Carolina before we crashed for the night!!! We did stop in Georgia to get some peaches!!!

If you get a chance, please visit our wonderful sponsors-Pirate Brands, Starbucks, Aldi's and Sonic!!

**All opinions expressed are 100% my own. I am not compensated for taking this trip. I do have some companies that have donated products to help make the trip more fun!!**

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