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Friday, July 27, 2012

Driving To Florida With Two Kids Project Day Nine

Day nine we had to cover a lot of ground, but it would not be fair to the kids to make them sit in a car all that time. We made a couple of touristy stops!!

Our first stop was South Of The Border right at the line of South Carolina/North Carolina. I really do not know how to describe this place. It has a little of everything.

Oh and there's no way you could ever miss it. There are signs for it in each direction for at least 100 miles!!!

After South Of The Border, we made it to a place called JR Outlets in North Carolina. This is another store that sells everything!!! They had so many things that Ben and I wanted to have Santa give the kids, that we might make a special trip down in November just to do some shopping.

I was happy because I got to get a bunch of new books for myself and the kids, plus some toys and snacks for less then $30. Oh and I got another Christmas Ornament. This one was personalized and only cost me $4!!!!

After J R's we ended up driving all the way to Maryland before we just could not keep our eyes open!!! We did stop in Virginia to get a ham!!!

We found a fairly cheap hotel. It was tough because the area we were in was very sold out!! The hotel we got was OK clean wise, but it had no garbage cans in the room. What hotel does not offer garbage cans?? There wasn't even a dumpster outside that we could see. I felt guilty, so we took are little amount of garbage with us, and threw it out at the first rest stop the next day!!

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**All opinions expressed are 100% my own. I am not compensated for taking this trip. I do have some companies that have donated products to help make the trip more fun!!**

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