Thursday, September 29, 2011

Youtoo Social TV

This sounds really interesting.  I checked to see if it's available in my area yet, but it's not.  I signed up, and will see what it's like as soon as I can.

If any of you can get it in your area, please let me know what you think!!!

Exclusive Content produced by Mark Burnett’s VIMBY, Has Built-In National Audience of 15 Million Cable Households

For the first time in television history, viewers using the Internet or a mobile device (Android now available, iPhone coming soon) can be on television and participate in the programming with a few simple clicks. Youtoo™ Social TV, developed revolutionary technology to change the way Americans engage with TV. VIMBY, in which legendary producer Mark Burnett (“Survivor,” “The Apprentice,” “The Voice”) took a strategic and creative stake earlier this year, becomes the original content provider for YouToo’s revolutionary initial launch. Youtoo TV launches with a programming line-up that features fan favorites, including The X Files, Batman, and Green Hornet.

Mark Burnett explains, “As a TV producer, I love nothing more than finding the next big thing. When I put Survivor on television, no one, including me, knew how popular reality television would become. Now, Youtoo is paving the way for social TV, which is the next generation of television...”

Youtoo developed this proprietary technology, which allows viewers to record and submit videos that are the filtered for content and broadcast on TV. This automated process enables anyone, from anywhere, with Internet access or a mobile device to be on TV within minutes.

About Youtoo TV -

Unlike standard social networking, where interaction is limited to friends and followers, on YouToo™ Social TV users are in front of a national TV audience of 15 million. In just a few clicks, anyone can upload their “Fame Spot™” (a 15-second video that users can record using the Youtoo app or at, and be on TV for free. Youtoo™ Social TV is the only television network in the U.S. providing its viewers with the opportunity to voice their opinions, and share personal stories on TV.

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