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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Survivor Season 25 Game!!

Can you believe that Survivor has been around for 25 seasons?? WOW!!!! 

As you all know, I love to play games, so we will do another game for this seasons show!! 

At the bottom of this post is all of the players for this seasons show. In the comments below, write who you think will win the game this season. If that player wins, then you win a prize on here!! 

The first person to comment gets that player. Good luck!! 

Each week I will write up a recap of the previous episode. Yesterdays episode recap will be up shortly!! Take a guess as to who I am rooting for!!! LOL 

1. Abi-Maria Gomes 
2. Angie Layton 
3. Artis Silvester 
4. Carter Williams 
5. Dana Lambert 
6. Denise Stapley 
7. Jeff Kent 
8. Katie Hanson 
9. Lisa Whelchel (lets see if the facts of life helped her any!!)
10. Malcolm Freberg 
11. Peter "Pete" Yurkowski 
12. Roberta "RC" Saint-Amour 
13. Roxanne "Roxy" Morris 
14. Sarah Dawson 
15. Zane Knight 
16. Michael Skupin (returning player) 
17. Jonathan Penner (returning player) 
18. Russell Swan (returning player)


Charity and John said...

I will pick Jeff Kent this season.
primabee at hotmail dot com

Olivia R said...

Lisa Whelchel.... dont care for any of these players so far, but i like when she said that we didn't ask the other players what they did when they were kids, so i didnt say what i did.

p.s. if i am ever on this show i will employ a green beret, or eagle scout to teach me how to make fire and sheltar and fish. And get a personal trainer to get me in physical shape.

Karla S said...

I watched it when it came on the other day,,but honestly cant remember who any of them are,so I will just randomly pick Peter "Pete" Yurkowski .thanks! :)

Karla S said...

But I WIll be watching to the very end,,I love survivor,and have watched every season ever since it started! :)

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