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Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Am A Crappy Mom And Proud Of It!!

I am an Adult. I am a Mother. I do what is best for my family. Just because it is not what you do, do not treat me like I am a monster!! 

Recently a lot of Mother bashing has been going on in this world. 

A lot of people think their way is the right way, and if you don't agree, there's the highway!! 

I try to keep my website neutral. I don't want to start an all out war, but enough is enough!!! 

I do not agree with a lot of different parenting methods, but I am not about to jump up and down someones throat to preach to them my way is the only way and you are wrong!! 

I am writing this post after a heated debate on Life With Levi's Facebook Page took place.  A bunch of Mom's have written similar posts and you can start reading them by visiting Life With Levi's Blog.

So here are all the ways I am a horrible Mother!!  If you don't agree with me, that's fine, but please respect my choices as I will yours.

I circumcised my boys.  Ben Jr's was for medical reasons (yes there is such a thing) but we would have done it anyway.

I bath both boys together even though they are 6 & 3.  This will not be forever, but right now they are happy to play together, and it makes it easier on me.

We sometimes eat our meals in front of the TV.  We are still eating together as a family and that is what matters the most to me.

When my boys act up, TV and favorite toys are the first to be taken away, and they are sent to their room to think about what they did.  I don't like to do it, but sometimes a spanking is needed. 

They are spoiled.  They go to Disney World every year, they get random presents and treats, and they get to visit a lot of fun places thanks to my job.

I did work outside of the home, and would have continued to do it if I didn't start my own business and make my own schedule.

I openly hug and kiss my Husband in front of them.  I want them to grow up knowing and seeing true love.

I tackle and rough house with my boys.  

Both boys eat junk food.  I am not overly sensitive to no preservatives, organic etc.  They do eat healthy meals, but I am not going to limit them to certain things.  

Yes they both have eaten many Happy Meals, but they also both prefer broccoli to french fries!!

I use disposable diapers and have no problem doing it.  

My boys were not breast feed in the normal sense of the term.  They did receive breast milk, but I had to use a machine to get it to them.  I gave them the milk as long as my body would let me, and then yes they drank formula.

Both boys have gotten all of the vaccinations our pediatrician recommends and will continue to do so.

My house is never spotless.  

Yes I work while I am home watching my children.

I believe in manners and have drilled please and thank you in my boys heads.  They both started saying it when they first started talking.  They are taught to respect their parents and elders.  They open doors and hold them open for others.  They are taught common courtesy.

I am a crappy Mom, but my boys are both healthy, happy and loved!!

Are you a crappy Mom too??


Mama Says What said...

I Love this post.. you took the words right out of my mouth. No mother can be all things all the time- It is impossible. I applaud your honestly, makes me feel better about my parenting.

Darcy said...

I left so many things off my list lol I let Rissa eat happy meals too and cookies! But she also loves yogurt and fruit. If someone thinks we are crappy moms - so be it. Our kids think we are great moms!

Stephanie LaPlante said...

From what I just read, you sound more like an awesome mom. =)

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

I seriously love this post! You are one awesome mom!

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