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Friday, July 27, 2012

Driving To Florida With Two Kids Project Day Six

Sorry for the delay in getting the next post up. Going on vacation is a lot of fun, but it can put you way behind on work!!

We started day six by rushing to Animal Kingdom to try and hit the Safari. We got there a little too late, so there was an hour wait. With the kids, it was not worth waiting. So we hit another couple of rides, and then went on to Magic Kingdom!!

The first thing we did when we arrived was hit Buzz Lightyear!! I am ashamed to say that I was beaten by a 3 year old!!

After playing around for awhile, we went to dinner at the Crystal Palace. This is one of our most favorite restaurants.

The restaurant is a buffet with a large variety of food choices. Plenty of kid choices which a lot of places don't have.

The other terrific thing about the Crystal Palace is the characters. Winnie The Pooh, Tiger, Piglet and Eeyore all walk around and greet you at your table!!

Ben Sr and I are huge Eeyore fans, so we are always excited to see him!!

The restaurant has a great atmosphere that keeps the kids entertained so you can enjoy your meal.

As with every Disney restaurant, watch the clock. It is very easy to loose track of time and spend hours eating!!!

After we ate way more then we should of, we walked around for a little while, and then of course hit the rides again!!!

Doug started to get cranky, so we visited the hall of presidents, and he fell right asleep!! I am not saying anything bad about the exhibit, but it really is not geared towards 3 and 6 year olds!!

If you get a chance, please say thank you to our wonderful sponsors- Pirate Brands, Starbucks, Aldi's and Sonic!!

**All opinions expressed are 100% my own. I am not compensated for taking this trip. I do have some companies that have donated products to help make the trip more fun!!**

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