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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hell's Kitchen Season 10 Episode 6

We still need a couple players if you would like to join, comment below with which player you would like!!

It doesn't surprise me that Danielle is gone. Ramsey does not tolerate raw food. It is extremely dangerous.

Why are these girls worried about targets on their backs?? This is a contest about skills. If you do well, you win. You are not there to make friends.

Royce is trying to take the lead. I don't for see him doing well at that roll.

All of these people fight non stop. I really do not see anyone of them winning.

I agree with the team that Royce would be a horrible leader. He is way to immature.

I like how the first challenge starts out with a women dressed to each decade with a certain food from that era. The Chefs have to make food for fashion designers. This will be a hard challenge. Fashion people don't eat!!

For the most part the blue team was working well together, until Guy started having issues boiling potatoes. That seems a little silly. Potatoes are really easy to make!!

Wow those fashion people are harsh. They complained about Justin and Brian's dish just looking at it. Not one dish made them happy at all. I can handle criticism but wow.

The blue team pulled it off!! They get to go on a shopping spree, and then wine tasting in Malibu!!

The girls are sore losers about not getting to go shopping. Instead they get to re-decorate the dinning room!!

The girls are having a hard time getting that walkway put together.

I think the blue team had a little too much to drink!!

Clemenza is being bitchy, and so are Robyn and Kimmie. Are these people 3 years old?? Grow up already.

Tonight's dinner service is based severely on timing. The food needs to go out at precise moments. I doubt this will go well!!

They did it again with a to be continue episode. I really hate these!!!

1. Barbie Marshall TAKEN by Savannah
2. Brian Merel TAKEN by Katsrus
3. Briana Swanson TAKEN by Donna
4. Christina Wilson
5. Chris Carrero
6. Clemenza Caserta
7. Dana Cohen
8. Danielle Rimmer
9. Don Savage TAKEN by Debbie
10. Guy Vaknin TAKEN by Rachel M
11. Justin Antiorio TAKEN by Kristin Gilbert
12. Kimmie Willis
13. Patrick Cassata TAKEN by Charity and John
14. Robyn Almodovar
15. Roshni Gurnani (from Boston!!)
16. Royce Wagner TAKEN by Wahm Connect Reviews & Giveaways
17. Tavon Hubbard
18. Tiffany Johnson

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