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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hell's Kitchen Season 10 Episode 5

We still need a couple players if you would like to join, comment below with which player you would like!!

I still find it funny that Ramsey moved Roshni to the blue team.

That pinata that Scott brought out was huge!! The teams get to make Mexican food now!!

For their first challenge, they had to collect a max of 25 balls that fell from the sky on their heads, and then turn the ingredients written on those balls into five dishes.

Brian's dish was not picked to show the judges, and Royce's was gross!! Men lost the point.

The red team won, and get to go and eat a Mexican themed lunch and learn Salsa Dancing. The blue team, gets to do all the prep work!! Eww the blue team was eating this nasty looking tripe.

I am not a big drinker, so I never would anyway, but when you are working and trying to get a terrific job, why would you drink enough to not know what you are saying?? Let's ask Tiffany that one!! She caused a big scene/fight for no reason!!

Barbie starts the night off bad with messing up the mussels. Guy had an issue with the Tuna at first, but then he nailed it. Barbie bounced back, and actually made good mussels.

Dana and Kimmie both put fish and meat on the same tray. When Ramsey asked which one did it, neither would speak up. Wow.

Danielle gave Ramsey raw pork. That is such a big no no!!!

Patrick gave the wrong time to Guy for his chicken, so they both got kicked out for bad timing. Patrick actually cried on camera.

Danielle sent out raw pork a second time. That is a death sentence.

Clemenza told Justin the pork wasn't ready, but he served it to Ramsey anyway. They both got kicked out. Then Danielle went, Barbie went, Tiffany went. Most of the kitchen is gone!!!

Royce is gone now. Roshni and Brian are the only ones left standing for the blue team.

Both teams actually completed service, even with only two on the blue!! All though Ramsey still said they both lost.

The blue team nominated Patrick and Guy, the red team nominated Barbie and Danielle (after a long debate about Danielle going up)

Oh that episode ticked me off. Ramsey sent Barbie back in line, and then to be continued popped up.

I guess we wait until the next episode to learn who got kicked off!!

1. Barbie Marshall TAKEN by Savannah
2. Brian Merel TAKEN by Katsrus
3. Briana Swanson TAKEN by Donna
4. Christina Wilson
5. Chris Carrero
6. Clemenza Caserta
7. Dana Cohen
8. Danielle Rimmer
9. Don Savage TAKEN by Debbie
10. Guy Vaknin TAKEN by Rachel M
11. Justin Antiorio TAKEN by Kristin Gilbert
12. Kimmie Willis
13. Patrick Cassata TAKEN by Charity and John
14. Robyn Almodovar
15. Roshni Gurnani (from Boston!!)
16. Royce Wagner TAKEN by Wahm Connect Reviews & Giveaways
17. Tavon Hubbard
18. Tiffany Johnson

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