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Monday, October 10, 2011

Amazing Race Fantasy Game Week 3

I hate it when sports make the Amazing Race late to air.  It happens almost every week!!  Ahhhhh...  This week it was 36 minutes behind.

The first challenge is nice.  I wouldn't mind a leisurely bike ride!!

That stinks for Ernie and Cindy.  The fell really far behind because of a pedal falling off.  That's what drives me nuts about this game, that you can do everything right, and still lose.

I would do the grass detour.  Stuff two bags full of grass, grab two sheep and bring them to a water troft to feed them.  Planting the rice (300) plants, I would think would take a while.

That was nice of Andy and Tommy to warn Laurence and Zac that they couldn't use more the two buckets "read your clue dudes!!")  I don't think they listened though.

Poor Cathi fell face first into the rice field.  A couple times!!

Amani and Marcus are dead last and they decided to stop mid grass challenge and do the rice one.  That seemed like a really silly move.

The road block seemed tough.  You have to count all the Buddhas in each different pose, and then you had to remember them and their hand positions. 

Some of the teams were really really far off!!

That was nice that Andy and Tommy and Laurence and Zac worked together to complete the challenge.  I didn't like that they cheated and tried to give Armani and Marcus the answers though.

Andy and Tommy came in first after Laurence and Zac got a 15 min penalty for not following the bucket clue correctly.

Bill and Cathi kicked butt.  They were the only team to not work with someone else.  Good for them!!!  Too bad they had to go back to pay for their cab.

A lot of the teams had to go back to pay for their cabs.  To me that is silly.  They should have paid and asked the guy to be nice and wait a little while.

Kaylani and Lisa came in last, so they have been eliminated. 

I would miss my kids too.  That would be really hard on me, to be away from my boys for weeks.

So on that note I need to say goodbye to Shelly Peterson.

Thank you for playing and see you all next week.

1. Amani and Marcus TAKEN BY Tara
2. Andy and Tommy TAKEN BY Elie
3. Bill and Cathi TAKEN BY Sweetpea
4. Ernie and Cindy TAKEN BY Jakiesmom
5. Ethan and Jenna TAKEN BY Gosfam
6. Jeremy and Sandy TAKEN BY Smart Cents Mom
7. Justin and Jennifer TAKEN BY Vhubler
8. Kaylani and Lisa TAKEN BY Shelly Peterson
9. Laurence and Zac TAKEN BY Dina K
10. Liz and Marie TAKEN BY Ashley S
11. Ron and Bill TAKEN BY vicjbr

1 comment:

jakiesmom said...

my dvr finally recorded it this week...but of course i missed the last 30 minutes
thanks for the recap
go team!

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