SARAH'S BLOG OF FUN: More Questions About The $650+ Prize Giveaway!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Questions About The $650+ Prize Giveaway!!

OK here are the next batch of questions!!!

You are all very creative!!!

1. Is it something I can wear around my neck? YES

2. Can it melt? NO

3. Are the outdoor toys a sprinkler? NO

4. Are there Skoy Cloths in the box? NO

5. Are there note cards in the box? NO

6. Is one of the items a gift card? NO

7. Is there a bracelet? NO

8. Is it used in the car? SOME ITEMS YES

9. Is the prize a bedroom item? YES THERE IS ONE!! LOL

10. Any organic snacks in the box? NO

11. Is there any stuffed animals in the box? NO

12. Is there any electronics? YES

13. Is it something you can take a picture with? NOT QUITE

14. Are there any storage containers? NO

15. Is it something I can use in a bathroom? YES

16. Can it be frozen? NO

17. Are the outdoor toys water guns? NO

18. Are there any tools for my husband in the box? NO

19. Are there any bars of soap in the box? YES

20. Can someone wear one of the items on their feet? YES

21. Is there a car air freshener? NO

22. Is it for the pool? NO

23. Is the prize a kitchen appliance? NO SORRY!!!

24. Any garden seeds in the box? NO

25. Is there any eco-friendly products in the box? YES

26. Is there perfume or body creams in the box? YES

27. Is there some sort of bedding or robe in the box? NO

28. Is it something you put on after getting out of the shower? YES

29. Are there any writing supplies in there? NO

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