SARAH'S BLOG OF FUN: Survivor Fantasy Game Week 3

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Survivor Fantasy Game Week 3

I am still looking for 3 players if anyone wants to join in!!!

Poor Matt was blind sided. Now him and Felecia have to some what get along!!

I can't wait to see the arena duel!!

That's kind of neat that two from each tribe get to see the Duel.

The stick building is easy if you have patience. If you are too quick, you loose.

Matt is not doing too well with the stick building!!

Poor Francesca had a good lead, and then she lost it. Now she is completely done.

That is an interesting strategy to share what you want with the rest of your tribe.

I can't blame Andrea for not believing Rob and them. She is wise not to believe anyone in this game!!

That is soooo funny that Steve lied to Russell about who got knocked out of redemption island.

Russell's armpits are quite gross. What are those lumps??

That is sooo funny that the Zapeteras might throw the challenge to get rid of Russell.

I can't blame Julie for being unsure of the throwing part. I wouldn't want to do that either.

You can tell by Russell's looks that he knows they threw the match.

Rob is so funny. I can't believe he found that clue by looking under Phillips butt!!

I don't think I agree with their strategy to vote 3/3. At tribal, tied votes don't always mean a re-vote. Sometimes there is a battle.

I don't know if I would trust Julie. She seems a little flighty about the whole situation.

Stephanie makes a good point, but if I had to live with Russell I might have thrown it too though!!!

Well that's an interesting three way tie!! Poor Russell. I don't think he really expected that.

I can't wait to see Russell's reaction when he gets to redemption island and sees that it's Matt and not Francesca, and how those two survive!!!

Sense no one picked Francesca, everyone is safe!!

See you next week!!


Ashley Underwood KELLY'S LUCKY YOU

David Murphy

Francesca Hogi

Grant Mattos TARA

Julie Wolfe KARI

Kristina Kell SEAN



Natalie Tenerelli TERRY

Phillip Sheppard

Ralph Kiser DEBS DESK

Sarita White ELIE

Stephanie Valencia DEBBIE

Steve Wright CHERYL C

Rob Mariano SHELLEY T


Krista Klumpp KRISTA


DANA said...

I would love to play! Email me at

Kelly L said...

Funny - wish I could but have too much happening.
Happy Friday.
I've Become My Mother
Kelly's Ideas
Amazing Salvation

DANA said...

I will take David Murphy!

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