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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

NatureMagix Cleaner Review

What is NatureMagiX?
NatureMagiX is a super-charged, concentrated all-purpose cleaner that is non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe for people, pets, plants and the environment. It’s a plant-based cleaner that is pH neutral – good clean health and wellness for your family. It was only available to commercial industries - until now!

NatureMagiX utilizes advanced technology that enhances and exploits the natural ability of organic microbes to liquefy, absorb and eliminate oil, grease, waste, and by-products. These microbes, when activated with water, literally lift, separate and liquefy the molecules of stains and pollutants such as petroleum, grease, oil, fat, soap, starch, protein, hair, blood, urine (pets, etc.) and their associated odors. The enzymes then absorb, consume and eliminate the liquefied grease molecules – they literally eat the oil, dirt, grease and oil as if it were food!

The net result: the grease, grime and oil have nowhere to hide – NatureMagiX hunts it all down, eats it up and completely removes it, leaving the surface as clean as if it were brand new! And because the pollutants are completely removed from the surface, their associated odors are completely gone as well, (not just masked with fragrance, as with other cleaners.)

Imaging the joy of having your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room - and EVERY room in your house super-clean and odor-free. NatureMagiX is hypo-allergenic, and it removes more than just dirt and odors: it removes pollen, dust, germs and bacteria that are growing in the 'nooks and crannies' of your home or office. NatureMagiX actually seeks out these pollutants and removes them from the surface - so they are no longer present.

When applied to a surface, NatureMagiX employs state-of-the-art wetting and rinsing agents designed to leave little to no film behind. However, unlike other top-of-the-line cleaners, NatureMagiX will leave behind microbes that will use residual film as a food source. The result is a super clean surface that continues to “self-clean” long after the your work is finished. You will notice the difference immediately, by the squeaky-clean touch of your surfaces, by the absence of normal cleaning product chemical fumes and perfumes, and by the residual fresh, clean, neutral smell of the air.

This process is called bio-remediation. It literally blasts the blobs of oily goo into their individual molecules, so the enzymes can naturally consume, process and eliminate them. That’s why it’s not just good for you and your surroundings; it’s good for the environment as well! (For a more scientific explanation of this process, please download our bio-remediation technical paper by clicking HERE.)

Why Should I Try NatureMagiX?

You should try NatureMagiX because it is an extremely effective cleaner that has 1,001 uses; it truly is an “all-purpose” cleaner:

• It can be used on just about everything. Now, you don’t have to buy a separate cleanser for every cleaning job you encounter at home, the office or work site! One cleaner does it all, and it does it better than just about any cleaning product you have ever used – guaranteed!

• In mathematics, “X” stands for multiply – and NatureMagiX will multiply the cleaning results you enjoy – as well as multiply the savings you will enjoy with every use:

- It’s ultra-concentrated, so a single 4 oz. bottle of NatureMagiX can be diluted to create 15 quarts of industrial-strength cleaner.

- It costs 10X less than other cleaners. You probably pay $3 to $5 per quart for spray-on cleaning and degreasing products now. Compare and see: you pay as little as 59¢ per quart for NatureMagiX, and each quart is at least 10X more powerful and effective than the average off-the-shelf cleaning product. You just can’t find a better cleaning value than NatureMagiX!

- A little NatureMagiX goes a long, long way. A bucket full of solution may appear to be “spent”, but may indeed be stronger than a new bucket of solution. When cleaning, be sure to push the used solution to other areas that need to be cleaned.

I was sent a packet of NatureMagix cleaner to try.

It was simple to make. I just added the cleaner to a 32 oz bottle about 90% full of water, shock the mixture, let it stand for a couple minutes, and then used.

I tried the cleaner on the worst spots I could think of. The stove top was first. It really cleaned up the grease and left the stove feeling clean.

Then I tackled the microwave. That came out nice and clean too, with little elbow grease.

Then I tried the worst thing I could think of, the toilets!!! Again the cleaner stood up to the test, and cleaned the toilets well.

If you would like to try NatureMagix for yourself, you can head to their website now and get a sample. It will only cost you $2.00 for shipping and handling.

**All opinions expressed are 100% my own. I was not compensated for this review. I was given the sample listed above to write up this review**

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