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Monday, March 28, 2011

Blogger is Frustrating!!!

I don't know if anyone else is having the same problem, but when ever I write up a post, the html blurs together (all paragraphs.)

Ahhhhhh. I have to correct it manually at least four times before I can publish the post.

If I make the mistake of publishing and then have to go back, I have to redo it again and again.

I hope this issue gets fixed soon. It is really making posting hard.


LibraryGirl said...

I haven't actually written a post today so I don't know if I'm having that issue now but I've had it in the past.

I have some old posts that were find until I tried to do some editing (found a typo that type of thing) and now they are all mushed together with no paragraphs and I haven't been able to fix it no matter what I did.

I agree that it is completely frustrating!

Sarah Coulsey said...

I have sooooo many posts (including some awesome giveaways) to write up, but I can't waste my time editing the HTML 10 times each post!!! Ahhhh. I hope they fix it soon!!!!

Donna said...

I'm having the same problems and I've found that it happens when I copy something from a website or email - usually this is company information for a review or giveaway. It is very frustrating! I've started using the button to remove formatting and then leaving all my formatting changes until I've finished writing the entire post.

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about switching to wordpress?
I'm a new follower visiting from the hop!

Avalon Cat Cartoons said...

It only happens to me when I erase and replace text or pictures. It helps if you check the html before you publish; if something's wrong you'll see superfluous code. Have a lucky week.

Your newest GFC follower Avalon.

Sandra Wilkes said...

I don't have this problem but I do have a problem posing pictures. I can only post one at a time...and I have to publish it before I can add another picture. Weird!

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