Sunday, May 9, 2010


I love this show, and Gordan Ramsay!!

Over the 6 other seasons, we have seen Ramsay go from being a somewhat nice guy, to a real tough jerk sometimes!!

The competitions that he puts the potential chefs though are awesome!!

I am excited that Fox is bringing this back for another season.

Now in the spirit of my site, I am going to have a game go along with the show!!

There are 16 chefs competing for a shot at being the Head Chef of one of Ramsey's restaurants.

Of course Ramsey, Jean Phillipe and Chef Scot will be back. There is also a new female Chef this season. Her name is Andi.

So on to the game. I am going to list all 16 of the new competing Chefs. Just comment below as to who you want. First person to write that name gets that person.

I know people are busy, but please only enter this game if you are willing to at least watch some of the show. I play these games because I love the shows. I want everyone involved to like the show too please!!

OK here are this seasons players and their ages. I think age is important in this show-

1. Andrew Forester (28 years old)

2. Ed Battaglia (28 years old)

3. Jason Ellis (37 years old)

4. Maria Torrisi (24 years old)

5. Scott Hawley (32 years old)

6. Siobhan Allgood (25 years old)

7. Autumn Lewis (29 years old)

8. Fran Klier (44 years old)

9. Jamie Bisoulis (26 years old)

10. Nilka Hendricks (28 years old)

11. Salvatore Coppola (35 years old)

12. Benjamin Knack (33 years old) (He's from Massachusetts!!)

13. Holli Uglade (24 years old)

14. Jay Santos (32 years old) (He's from Massachusetts!!)

15. Mikey Termini (29 years old)

16. Stacey Slichta (38 years old)

Two players are from Massachusetts, but there are alot from New York!!! If you want to check out alittle more information about the players head to Fox's Hell's Kitchen site.

I haven't decided the prize for this game yet, but it will be a gift card. When you pick your name, please let me know what store you would want to get a gift card for. Choose wisely, it might be what you win!!!

HELL'S KITCHEN starts June 1st. I cant wait!!!


Unknown said...

I freaking love Hell's Kitchen! I'm in! I pick Holli Uglade! Banquet chef extraordinaire.

Unknown said...

Oh and the prize should definitely be for someplace neutral like Amazon, Target or Wal-Mart. Everybody can use those :)

Meg @ A Dash of Nutmeg said...

Great show!!!

I pick Scott Hawley!

I think I'd like a gc from Target if I win!

Unknown said...

I am in!

Jay Santos

Target please!

katsrus said...

I'm talking a chance on Mikey Termini. I love this show! Never miss it! Always like to see who's going to get yelled at next. Or what they have to do next. I would prefer a GC from Walmart, Target, or Amazon. Thanks for the neat contest.
Sue B

Unknown said...

I chose Siobhan Allgood (25 years old) since they are the same age as me. I'd love a walmart giftcard.

Emmagan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emmagan said...

Well, my two other top picks got pick already, Scott, and Mikey so i am going to go with

Ed Battaglia!

i can't wait for this session to start! I am want to be Chef myself so i love to watch this show!

If i win i would like a Gift Certificate to

LB said...

I love this show! It is so hard to choose based on such little info. But I am going to go with Salvatore Coppola. I'd choose an gc.

The Lavender Daisy said...

Sounds like fun! Could I please choose Fran Klier? An amazon card would be great :) Thanks!

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