Sunday, May 9, 2010


Jet and Cord, Dan and Jordan, and Brent and Caite. Three teams that I never would have thought would make it, are the final three!!!

They are heading back to the states!! San Fransisco.

Dan and Jordan were evil for cutting in front of Jet and Cord. That was just silly and childish.

That riddle clue seems hard. Ben and I are not very good at that!!

Dan and Jordan were smart to ask the biker what the clue meant, but Jet and Cord were awesome to have a guide book to San Fransisco.

Those two have proven to be really smart this whole game.

Another height challenge. That would be Ben's!! I couldn't do it!!

I don't like how Dan and Jordan are leading. I really want Jet and Cord to win!!

This star wars game sounds interesting!!

Giving directions for the game sounds hard.

Giving fake directions was hilarious. I love Cord!!

I really liked how the characters looked in the game. They were funny!!

That was a big blunder by Brent and Caite having to go back to get their money.

Those trunks looked heavy. That's funny making the teams carry them though!!

Very smart for Dan and Jordan to keep track of how the teams were eliminated.

That stinks that they cant find a cab. I hope that gives Jet and Cord the chance to catch up!!

Way to go Jet and Cord!! Go, Go, Go!!!!

Dan and Jordan won. Good for them. I am sad that Jet and Cord didn't win though.

I can't believe that Carol and Brandy are still holding grudges. GET OVER IT!!!

It's very sad that the show is over, but I have some good news for one person!!

Bethany has won the Amazing Race Fantasy Game!!! Congratulations!!

She has won a $25 gift card to Walmart!!!

Thank you everyone for playing along.

Dont forget, Survivor ends this Sunday!!

Oh and some other good news. HELL'S KITCHEN is coming back in June!!!!

That is another great show that I love to watch. Check out my post coming up!!


Unknown said...

Yea! How exciting. After my player was eliminated this week on Survivor, I was afraid Dan and Jordan would be eliminated also. I'm thrilled that they weren't! I chat with my parents in Ukraine on Skype, and I will use the gift card to replace my headset that just broke. Thanks so much for hosting this!

Sarah Coulsey said...

Congratulations Bethany. I am glad that you won!! I just sent you an email using the address in your profile. Please let me know if that is not a valid email!!

Holly Lefevre said...

You are my go-to amazing race gal...we are watching on the west coats and I had to know who won...I am sorry to say very disappointed in the outcome (especially after their lame tactics at the airport) I do not want to watch the rest.

Unknown said...

I was really rooting for the cowboys! And, you're right about Carol and Brandy - they need to grow up and get over themselves.

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