Sunday, February 28, 2010


How sad for Brent and Caite to start the race in the ER!!!!

I would love that scenic bus tour of the Andes!!! That's my favorite part of this show!!! Getting to see stuff you never ever would!!

I cant believe Dan and Jordan still cant drive standard!!!! Trying to push the car up a hill!!!

The cowboys and all their gnome poker talk was hilarious!!!

What an awesome first challenge, roping a steer. Obviously the cowboys would have to finish first!!!

Then I liked the "saw" horse challenge. I got to give Jet and Cord credit. They are good!!!

I am glad that Jet and Cord won again. They deserved it this time!!!

Jordan and Jeff need to learn how to follow instructions!!

I don't understand why most of the teams gave up on the coordinates challenge. I guess they were never boy or girl scouts!!!!

How come the two police officers couldn't follow the coordinates???

Poor Shawne and Monique are eliminated. That was sad, cause they seemed really nice.

So on that note I have to say goodbye to Lavender Daisy. Thank you very much for playing.

1. Brent and Caite- Taken by Ware Family
2. Carol and Brandy- Taken by Surge
3. Dana and Adrian-Taken by Marci
4. Jet and Cord- Taken by Mavericks Mommy
5. Jody and Shannon- Taken by Celestia
6. Joe and Heidi- Taken by Ashley E
7. Dan and Jordan- Taken by Bethany
8. Jordan and Jeff- Taken by Amy
9. Louie and Michael- Taken by April
10. Monique and Shawne- Taken by Lavender Daisy
11. Steve and Allison- Taken by Vittoria


Anonymous said...

Stopping by from Friday Follow...following back. Have a GREAT day!

Amy said...

Man my team Jordan and Jeff are so out there at times. I am glad they are still in it.. At least Jeff knows they are a bit out there.. Have a great week.

The Lavender Daisy said...

Hi! Thanks for the chance to play :)

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