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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Top Notable Alumni of Princeton University

Princeton University is an Ivy League institution and one of the top colleges in the nation. The university is so selective in who it admits that less than 10% of those who apply will receive an acceptance letter. When you look over the names of those who attended Princeton, you'll find some recognizable names on that list.


Brooke Shields made headlines when she walked away from an acting career to study at Princeton, but the actress claimed that she wanted to spend some time focusing on her studies. Shields graduated with her degree in 1987. While taking classes on campus, Shields had a relationship will fellow student Dean Cain. Cain, the star of the television series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, graduated that same year. Ellie Kemper, who appeared on The Office and in films like Bridesmaids, also attended Princeton before beginning her acting career.

Professional Athletes

Though Princeton has a strong reputation for its educational programs, it also has a good reputation in the sports world. Professional football players like Ross Tucker, Frank McPhee and Red Howard all attended the university. While some players leave and enter the professional world before graduating, others earned degrees before starting their professional careers. Dennis Norman, who previously played for the San Diego Charges, graduated in 2001, and Geoff Petrie graduated in 1970 before playing in the NBA and later becoming the head of the Sacramento Kings.

Business World 

Princeton has one of the top rated business degree programs in the country, which might explain why some of its graduates now own and work for major companies. Pete Briger fortress investment executive graduated from the university, and Andrea Jung earned her degree at Princeton before becoming the CEO of Avon. Joe Kennedy, now known as the president of Pandora Radio, was once just a student studying business on campus. Other notable alumni now famous in the business field include Malcolm Forbes, Donold Lourie of Quaker Oats, Ellen Pao of Reddit, Eric Schmidt, James S. McDonnell, Peter B. Lewis and Sandi Peterson.


Some students attend Princeton University because they want to hone their writing skills, and some of its alumni receive numerous awards for their writing. Lorraine Adams graduated in 1981 and later won a Pulitzer Prize for her writing. Though he didn't graduate, F. Scott Fitzgerald did study at Princeton and later claimed that it helped give him inspiration for his book The Great Gatsby. Famous authors of the modern age like Eric Schlosser, Jennifer Weiner and Jodi Picoult also attended Princeton. Nineteen former students who either graduated from Princeton later received the Pulitzer Prize.

Fictional Students

If you love television shows, books or movies, you'll find that some fictional students had connections to Princeton University too. President Logan from the TV show 24, Jack Donaghy of the TV show 30 Rock and even Doogie Howser himself attended Princeton. The university also appeared in films like Across the Universe, In Her Shoes and Risky Business. Those films either showed characters studying on campus or receiving an acceptance letter from the university. As one of the oldest and most reputable schools in the country, it's not surprising that Princeton alumni represent some of the best in the business, writing, athletic, entertainment and even fictional worlds.

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