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Monday, December 15, 2014

24 Times When It's Better To Fake It!!

LOL, I know what you were thinking that title meant!!!  I thought the same thing at first!!  Now let's get our minds out of the gutter and check out this fun infographic.  Quite a few of these I agree with.

Personally I think the only ones I do not agree with are 1,4,8,12, and 19.  What do you think??

#1- I would never spend $5000 on a purse, but I do like my coach bags, and they are around $100 when I get them on sale.

#4- I was never a fan of Baywatch.  The people were just too fake for me!!

#8- Fake candles are cute and I agree safer, but I need my real candle smell.  I live in the land of Yankee Candle!!!

#12- No, just no.  I do not own much in fancy jewelry, but what I own is real diamonds.  No fake for me.

#19- No fake sugar tastes like real sugar.  I don't mind cooking with fake sugar, but real sugar goes in my tea!!!

24 Times When it was Better to Fake It
Graphic via Treetopia.

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