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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Nutri Ventures: The Quest For The 7 Kingdoms!!

Ring the dinner bell because it's time for a spoonful of animated entertainment that's good for kids! 

NUTRI VENTURES  is a unique new animated TV series filled with comedy, adventure and action, and tells a rich story about a world in which all nutritional food has been banished.  Theo, the 10-year-old main character, begins a quest that takes him to seven faraway kingdoms where real food remains. After attracting huge audiences internationallyNUTRI VENTURES: THE QUEST FOR THE 7 KINGDOMS makes its US debut on*!

The series also garnered the first-ever agreement between the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA), the nationwide nonprofit organization chaired by First Lady Michelle Obama, and an animated series, making the action-packed, adventure-fueled NUTRI VENTURES: THE QUEST FOR THE 7 KINGDOMS available for free to all U.S. public school systems. Under the agreement, Nutri Ventures Corp. will also donate a percentage of net profits from sales of licensed products in the U.S., to PHA to help strengthen and expand its nutrition-education programs.

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