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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Disney World Trip 2002 #DisneySide

Show Your Disney Side

I was recently asked the question "How many times have you been to Disney?"  Well to show my Disney Side, I am going to write up a quick series of posts showing you how many times I have been.  I have had the pleasure of going to Disney World, Disney Studios in Burbank CA, and have gotten to go on the Disney Cruise!! 

Each trip has been an amazing once in a life time trip.  I will explain in each post!!

These are pictures from our trip in 2002.  This was the first time I ever went to Disney World.  Ben and I went with his family.  There were 8 of us total.

As any first timer to Disney World will tell you, I was blown away by the awesomeness and grandeur of it all.  The parks are amazing, the hotels beyond terrific, and over all it was just an awesome trip!!  I love the fact that I got to spend my first ever trip with my Husband (fiancee at the time!!)  

These pictures are in no order what so ever!!

We took up the whole back row on the Tower of Terror!!

Ben wanted a yard of ale, but all they had were half yards.  He barely finished that, so I was glad they didn't have whole yards.

These two person bikes are a lot harder to ride then you would think!!  We were exhausted!!

I live in New England, so clam chowder is white and does not have creatures coming out of it with their eye balls looking at you!!  I screamed when this was put in front of me.  Ben ended up eating.  I just couldn't!!

That was a top of the line camcorder at the time!!!  Do you see how HUGE it is!!

I try to take as many pictures as possible on trips, and in this case I am especially glad I did.  Below is my Husband Ben and his parents.  Sadly this was the only Disney trip we were able to take with my Father in Law.  Dad passed away in 2006.  I know he would have loved going on all the other trips we have made, especially with his Grandchildren.

One funny story I remember oh so well from this trip.  Instead of wearing my glasses, I decided to wear my contacts.  All was well through most of the day.  When we sat down to eat dinner at Fulton's Crab House, one of my contacts popped out and I couldn't find it.  I did not have my glasses on me, and no way was I going back to the hotel.  I walked around the rest of the day, and watched Cirque Du Soleil with one eye closed!!  I had one major headache that night!!

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