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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hero Bash- Hero Rollout. The Stars Are Revealed.


In the upcoming Party MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) Hero Bash, gamers can choose from 10 playable heroes to engage in gloriously visceral combat.  With three unique combat abilities per character, four varying specialties, six upgradeable attributes per match, and an assortment of random presents that can either help or hinder the hero, there’s endless opportunity to discover new strategies for every gamer.

To that end, the developers of Hero Bash, San Diego based, Esc Bros, have released a new gameplay trailer showcasing the exceptional abilities and comical character of the stars of Hero Bash.  From the grunting and flexing strength of Dr. Biceps, the flirting fancies of sneaky Jelly, and the quick-strike swiftness of Thorny, players will easily learn that there’s a hero for everyone in Hero Bash.

Watch the Hero Bash Hero Rollout gameplay trailer HERE:

Download the Hero Bash Hero Rollout gameplay trailer HERE:

Download new Hero Bash screenshots HERE:

Hero Bash is an intense yet comical Party MOBA game that features 10 playable heroes – with new heroes planned to arrive every month following the game’s release.  Each hero specializes in one unique fighting style: attack, defense, stealth, or speed.  Heroes use a combination of super abilities and secret items to gain victory over their foes and impress the in-game little Blue Fans.  Once won over, the little Blue Fans don’t just cheer for you, they lend their adoration to improve secret items and increase your team’s score. With real-time online multiplayer featuring up to eight players at one time, Hero Bash is a fun-filled party game for all types of players.

Developed by Esc Bros, Hero Bash is coming soon to the App Store for all iOS devices. For more information, please visit or “Like” them on Facebook.

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