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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Synthetic Diamond Earrings #Spon

**This is a sponsored post.  I was compensated to post this.**

The biggest difference in synthetic diamond earrings and real diamond earrings is the way they are produced. The synthetic process is man-made, and the real diamond is naturally created by a normal geological process within the ground. Oftentimes, you will hear synthetic diamonds being called “CVD or HPHT diamonds” because of the way they are produced. 

Synthetic diamonds are found in many colors such as yellow, clear white, orange, brown, green and blue. The cost benefit of purchasing synthetic diamonds is about 30 percent cheaper than buying diamonds mined out of the Earth. For people who do not appreciate the bad ecological effects and illegal trading associated with real diamond mining, buying synthetic diamonds is the best option. 

Synthetic diamonds also come in more sizes and styles then real diamonds because the lab producers can control all the variables when they create the gems and not just accepting the natural process of the diamond that was created by the Earth. If you want to have diamond earrings that are bigger or more colorful without paying top dollar prices, buying the synthetic earrings is your best option. Man-made diamonds are going to take just a few days to create and look just the way you want versus the natural diamonds which take millions of years before they are usable. With synthetic diamonds, ordering your gems is easy and fast. 

For those wishing to design their own pair of diamond earrings, going with the synthetic option is best so that you can choose your own size and color at a reasonable price.

**This is a sponsored post.  I was compensated to post this.**

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