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Friday, February 15, 2013

How Are You Eating Fish Today?? #FishFriday

(I know you will be singing this all day long now!!)

I do not post much about religion on here. That is my choice, but I am a Catholic, and being that we are officially in Lent, Fridays are now Fish days.  

I love, love, love fish!!  I could eat it all the time.  My boys (including Hubby) are a different story.  They will eat it, but they never ask for it.

Every year for Lent, I have a hard time trying to be creative with the fish on Fridays.  The boys will only eat so many fish sticks!!

I really enjoy the fish sandwiches at some of the local fast food places.  I know they are not the healthiest out there, but they are mighty tasty!!

Wendy's and McDonald's are my personal favorites.  

This year McDonald's has come out with Fish bites. 

They look very similar to popcorn chicken.  My boys love popcorn chicken, so I am hoping they will like these as well.  What is also great is that McDonald's is including the Fish Bites as a meal choice for the happy meals.  We do not eat out much, so I know these will be a real treat for the boys.

If you eat Fish on Fridays, do you change things up, or do you stick with the same old, same old??


(If you weren't singing the last song, maybe this one will catch your fancy!!)

This post is written by Sarah Coulsey. She is a Wife, and Mother of two boys living in New England.

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~ Janis said...

Yep, eating fish here. Had tuna casserole for lunch and will have fish/corn chowder for supper tonight.

Be wary of the McDonalds fish.
I have read several articles mentioning the wood fiber that has been added to many of their food products, including the fish. I stopped getting theirs after I read the 2nd article about the bad stuff that has been added. Since when is wood chips appropriate to add to food ? Do your research on how fast food companies can afford to have such low prices by adding unnatural "fillers." I am trying to grow most of my own food and am healthier for it.
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