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Monday, September 24, 2012

Survivor Season 25 Episode 1

Can you believe that Survivor has been around for 25 seasons?? WOW!!!! I still need quite a few players.  If you would like to play, comment below with who you pick, and think will win.  Remember there is a prize for the winner!!!

That's interesting that there are three tribes to start. 

I forgot how bad Michael's fingers looked after he had fallen in that fire back on season 2.  It was gross!!

Watching the teams scramble to grab supplies was funny.  I would have dropped the raft first, put stuff on it, and then just swam along beside it.  That way you don't loose anything.  

Lots of stuff was lost.  You could see a lot of fruit sinking.  At least they saved the two chickens.  One almost drowned!!

Not good that the former Baseball player is already potentially injured.  The game hasn't even started yet!!

Russell starts out saying he doesn't want to be a leader, but he is bossing everyone around.  

Wow Malcolm the bartender and Russell figured out how to get fire within the first couple minutes.

Jonathan's team is using their raft as a base for their shelter.  They may need that still.

The red team has already marked Jonathan as the first to go!!

Abi-Maria and RC are already scheming for an alliance!!

Blair is known by Michael, and Jeff is known by (Sarah) Dawson.  That can be beneficial to Michael and Dawson later on.

Michael lets Lisa know he knows who she is.  She doesn't want anyone to know.  None of those young people would have any clue about the Facts of Life!!

Zane just made alliances with everyone on his team.  Interesting way to play.

OK Michael has already been injured three times.  He cut his head with a maschete, gave himself a nice cut on his foot, and then sliced his finger.  Not a good sign!!! 

I don't think Jonathan is playing wisely.  He is looking for an immunity idol, and his team all knows it.  He did find the clue.

Russell found his teams clue in the rice as well.  Zane saw him reading the clue, so he knows Russell is looking for it.

The immunity/reward challenge looked like fun.  Each team is divided into pairs.  The first pair is tied together and has to find two oars at the top of a cargo net.  The second pair rows a boat out in the water, releases a trunk, and then has to swim it to shore.  The third team builds a puzzle.

The yellow team takes a fast lead, with blue right behind.

The red team was quite slow.

Yellow is kicking butt!!  They are quite away ahead of the other teams.

Red overtook blue and is now in second.

The teams at the puzzle phase are all pretty close together.  Yellow is still in the lead.

It came down to yellow and red, and red took first!!  Yellow still gets immunity.  

Blue is off to tribal.  Someone is going home.

Zane "admits" he is a weak link.  That's a weird strategy.

I have no clue if Russell or Zane is going home.  They are both annoying the tribe!!

Tribal consisted of a lot of blame!!

That is why you never volunteer to go home.  Zane is the first one out.  

I liked his comment as he was leaving, "Son of a b**ch!!"

See you all Wednesday!!

1. Abi-Maria Gomes 
2. Angie Layton 
3. Artis Silvester 
4. Carter Williams 
5. Dana Lambert 
6. Denise Stapley 
7. Jeff Kent TAKEN by Charity and John
8. Katie Hanson 
9. Lisa Whelchel TAKEN by Olivia R
10. Malcolm Freberg 
11. Peter "Pete" Yurkowski TAKEN by ksceviour
12. Roberta "RC" Saint-Amour 
13. Roxanne "Roxy" Morris 
14. Sarah Dawson 
15. Zane Knight
16. Michael Skupin (returning player) 
17. Jonathan Penner (returning player) 
18. Russell Swan (returning player)

Sarah Coulsey

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T1T2 said...

My DVR didn't record the first two episodes! Do you know where I can find these? All I find are clips and not the full episodes. HELP! I've NEVER missed a show I since it began!

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