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Monday, September 3, 2012

Prada Saffiano iPad Case is Perfect!

I purchased an iPad earlier this year and had originally bought a thin, inexpensive cover that wasn't really doing a good job of keeping the iPad from getting scratched. I've been a fan of Prada bags for a number of years and have a few belts in my collection, too. I was curious if Prada got into other technology-based accessories and I was incredibly excited to see that they make an iPad case!

The best part about the Prada iPad cases, to me, is the soft, sleek leather exterior. The one I bought, the "Saffiano" model, reminds me exactly of one of the purses I own, so it's a great match. I usually end up carrying my iPad around in a large tote bag and I'm never worried about the iPad getting scratched or broken due to the durability of the case.

I was also very pleased with Modaqueen, the site where I purchased the case, because the case was easy to order and I received it only three days after I purchased it. The shipping was free which made the purchase even better. Overall the case is beautiful and I would definitely recommend Prada iPad cases to any of my friends.

**This is a sponsored post written my someone else for this site. I was compensated for this post.**

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iPad Mini Lizard Case said...

Wow! This looks great! I am so impressed!

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