Thursday, September 20, 2012

9 Years!

Almost 13 years ago, I was a hostess at the Olive Garden. One night while I was working I met the man of my dreams. He walked in the door in a beautiful leather jacket. He looked at me and smiled. I turned to my friend Jeanette, and said "who is that?" She told me his name is Ben and he is a server. I then turned to her and said "I am going to marry him!!" She of course proceeded to laugh at me, but I was dead serious. I was hit with love at first sight!!

Less then a week later, I asked Ben out on our first date. I was a little chicken, so instead of asking out right, I slipped my phone number in a pen, and handed it to him.

Shortly after we started dating!!

On September 20th 2003 we became Husband and Wife!!!

We have had a roller coaster of a life. A very scary one!!!

6 months before our wedding, we were in a very bad car accident. We were at a stop light and were hit by an 18 wheeler, and pushed into a box truck in front of us. We went through months of physical therapy.

Both of our children were born very premature. We spent over 1/3 of a year in the hospital with each of them.

I have had many, many medical issues, with some that were quite severe.

We have gone through money troubles, job loss, and yet we still wake up each morning smiling to what ever comes next and go to bed wrapped in each others arms!!

Through it all, we have held each others hands and hearts. I could not imagine a life with out him. He is my sole mate, my best friend, and my hero.

Happy 9th Anniversary Ben, and here is too many, many more!!! I love you, and always will.


Mariah @ said...

Happy anniversary! Here's to many more!

The Rebel Chick said...

Wow, you have been through so much together! Happy Anniversary!!

Unknown said...

What a fantastic story! Very sweet! happy Anniversary! I hope it is a great one for you!

LaVonne said...

Very nice! Have a great anniversary Sarah! And blessings on many more anniversaries to come!

Charity and John said...

Happy Anniversary!

Paula Schuck said...

I love wedding anniversaries. Happy anniversary to you! We are now married much longer than this.

Dustykatt said...

Congratulations! Good for you guys.

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