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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pepperidge Farms 75th Anniversary

Crunchy, smiling Goldfish crackers. Elegant and decadent Milano cookies. Golden, flaky Puff Pastry. Classically simple Herb Seasoned Stuffing. Delicately sweet Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Bread.

Few brands have a larger portfolio than Pepperidge Farm, which is known and loved for its many products touching the lives of families across the globe. It all began with a humble loaf of bread, which Pepperidge Farm founder Margaret Rudkin baked in her rural Connecticut kitchen. Created in 1937 to address her son’s allergy to common preservatives, Margaret’s simple recipe is the origin of a flourishing business celebrating its 75th anniversary this year.

Pepperidge Farm’s heritage is rich and very much alive today as the company—founded on a mother’s love for her son—continues Margaret’s mission to deliver the very best products (from wholesome fresh bakery items to must-have snacks), many of which are staples in American homes today. Here are some fun facts about the company:

  • On August 15, 1937, the first “official” loaf of Pepperidge Farm all natural, whole grain bread was sold in a store for 25 cents.

  • By September 27, 1939, one million loaves of Pepperidge Farm bread had been sold.

  • Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish crackers were originally made and marketed in Switzerland as “Goldfish Tiny Crackers” before being brought to the U.S. by Margaret Rudkin in 1962.

  • The first flavors introduced stateside were Lightly Salted (Original), Cheese, Barbecue, Pizza, and Smoky.

  • The late Julia Child used to love to serve Goldfish crackers as an appetizer before dinner.

  • Pepperidge Farm is committed to accelerating snacking and baking advancements in the future as evidenced by the 34,000-sqare-foot Innovation Center opening this fall at the company’s headquarters in Norwalk, CT

  • Annually, the brand produces about 558 million Milano® cookies—enough to cross the United States more than 7 times—and bakes approximately 206 million loaves of bread

  • Today, Pepperidge Farm employs more than 5,000 people and operates plants in nine towns

  • Each year, Pepperidge Farm uses about 390 million pounds of flour

Pepperidge Farms is a brand that everyone knows. Most of us have at least one of their products in our houses at any given time.

Currently I have a freezer full of their goldfish bread!!! The boys love it, and there is an outlet store in Maine that we frequent!!!

I was very excited to be picked to try some of Pepperidge Farms newer products!! So were the boys when they saw all the goodies!!

We had to start with the cookies. I think it is against the law to not eat them first!!!

Our first cookie was their new Milano Melts- Vanilla Creme.

Can I say YUMMY!!! Chocolate goodness with delicious vanilla filling. The cookie is crunchy on the outside, with a smooth cream on the inside. The cookie is not overly sweet, which makes it dangerous!! You can't stop at just one!!

The second cookie we tried was the Milano Slices- Salted Pretzel.

I love salt. I use it way too much, but I love it!!! So chocolate, pretzels and salt is a good mix for me!! Add a cookie and I am in heaven!!

I thought it had the right balance of everything. Ben Sr thought there was just a little too much salt, but he ate quite a few, so it couldn't have been that bad!! lol

Next we had the oldie but goodie, Goldfish Crackers.

Cheddar cheese is bursting out of these tiny crackers. They are the perfect size for snack time. Especially in the car. We always have them in stock!!

Ok these next three crackers were absolutely delicious!!! My local supermarket had them on sale this week, and I went crazy buying another 10 boxes!!!

Pepperidge Farms newest crackers are called Jingos. We were sent Parmesan Garlic, Lime And Sweet Chili, and Fiesta Cheddar.

They are all delicious!! The Lime and Sweet Chili actually have a lime taste to them. Yum!!

The Fiesta Cheddar is a little spicy, so Ben Sr wolfed those down. His mini me (Ben Jr) helped too!! They loved them.

My personal favorite was the Parmesan Garlic. It had just the right amount of flavor to them. I had to fight Doug for the box!!!

As I said before, we love Pepperidge Farm products, and they just keep coming out with better and better items!!

**All opinions expressed are 100% my own. I was not compensated for this post. I was given the above items for this review. This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media.**

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