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Monday, August 27, 2012

Make Me Laugh Monday 8/27/12

Sad but true story!!

Last Monday we visited Lake Compounce. We had a great time except for a couple "small" issues.

Doug really wanted to ride a water slide. We were nervous about him doing it, but we said yes. He wore a life jacket, went up to the top of the slide with Daddy, all excited. He got on the slide and started down. I was at the bottom waiting for him. No Doug came out. At first I thought he stopped himself and tried to climb back up. Nope, he got snagged on the side with his life jacket and had to be rescued by the life guard. He was not a happy baby.

Then about 20 minutes later, Ben Sr and I decided to try an adult slide. This one was a dark tunnel that was about 9 stories high. We got to the top, and I went down first. Now I wear a bathing suit, but I always wear a t-shirt and shorts over it. Half way down the slide, my shorts (cotton) wouldn't let me slide anymore. I had to adjust in the dark to get myself down the slide. Not fun.

Then later on, Doug bit his lip and made it bleed, and I some how bruised my foot. It didn't look too bad yesterday, but today it is swollen, purple, and very very sore. Oh and fractured. I some how hit my foot hard enough to fracture the top.

As I said, a sad but true story. Quit laughing!!!


Unknown said...

thanks for following my blog this evening! followed you back!

Naptime Review said...

Returning the follow! Thanks for linking up to Mom's Monday Mingle!

Unknown said...

Lol!!! I'm sorry you guys had the trouble but thanks for the laugh.

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