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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Joovy Foocot- Family On The Go ~Giveaway~

The Noise Girls are excited to announce the Joovy Family On The Go giveaway event hosted by the Noise Girls!

For the family on the go this summer! Whether you're on a road trip to Grandma's house
or enjoying a relaxing weekend at the campground, Joovy's latest products help
make travel easy and fun! This event will run from July 9th through
July 30th and includes three amazing packages of Joovy products perfect for every stage of childhood.

Sometimes trying to find the perfect place for a child to sleep when you're on vacation can be a challenge! Not every hotel has extra roll aways and sometimes those pull out couches are just plain uncomfortable. But with the Foocot your child will have a place to nap or sleep wherever they go!

Read what the Noise Girls have to say about these products:

The Foocot

Simmworks Family's review

Life as Leels' review

A Helicopter Mom's review

FormulaMom's review

And you won't want to miss the other two awesome prize packages from Joovy! Enter here:

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