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Monday, July 2, 2012

Creative Cooking With California Grapes!!

Grapes are a huge hit in our house. The boys (Hubby included) will sit down and eat them non stop.

When I was given the chance to review "Green Black Red: Recipes for Cooking and Enjoying California Grapes" I, and the boys were excited.

There are some pretty creative recipes in the book. Some that scared me a little!! I never would have thought to put Grapes With Goat Cheese!!!

Being the daring folks that we are, we picked three recipes to try.

Our first one was Goat Cheese Stuffed Grapes With Pistachios.

We had to modify it a bit (stuffing grapes was VERY HARD!!) so we made a spread, and ate it on crackers.

It was very good. My family was over for my cooking demonstration, so they took part in the sampling. My Mom agreed with me that the Goat Cheese was a little over powering. I am still debating on something to mellow it out a little more.

Our second dish was Grape Spread With Cream Cheese and Nuts.

This dish was a big hit. The kids loved the fact that we made it kid friendly!!

Tell me that isn't cute!!!! I think the next time we make it, we might had some jelly to it too.

Last but not least, we made a delicious shrimp dish. I know, strange putting shrimp and grapes together, but wait till you see this.

Very, very simple, and oh so good!!! In a large frying pan, add Mango Rum, Coconut, Cut Grapes, and Shrimp. Saute until shrimp is cooked, and eat!!!

It has the right amount of sweetness to it. Everyone loved it. Both kids devoured it, and so did the Hubby!!!

I am trying to figure out how to maybe make this a meal, but I can't really think of a way to incorporate pasta to it. Any suggestions??

A big thank you to Family Review Network and Grapes From California for making this review possible!!

**All opinions expressed are 100% my own. I was not compensated for this post. I was given a copy of the cookbook and money to purchase the grapes**

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Danielle said...

My kids absolutely love grapes so I know if I started to cook with them they'd love it!

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