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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Driving To Florida With Two Kids Project Day Five Part 2

Dinner on day five was at Arabian Nights.  This was the show that we got discount tickets to through the time share.

Earlier in the day when I called to make reservations, I paid an extra $20 to sit front row center.  We were quite close to the show.  It made it nicer!!  

When we first arrived, we checked in, and were led into a huge hall that had appetizers and a bar for beverages.

We were given 10 free drink coupons.  Dinner included unlimited soda, so Ben and Ashley used all the drink coupons for beer.  Granted Ben is not a big drinker by any means, so drinking five little beers actually made him tipsy!!!

After having some chips and salsa and a really good macaroni salad, we headed for our seats.  Dinner did not start until 7 pm, and for the pre-show we were told to get there at 5pm.  It gave us plenty of time to kill.

Doug fell asleep as we left Disney, so he didn't get to see the apps, or the pre-show for the kids.

Obviously the crew knew that trying to keep kids still for two hours would not be wise.  So the pre-show consisted of letting the kids play games in the arena.  It was really cute!!

When the pre-show was over, we sat down to eat.  There were I think 5 different meal choices for the adults and three for the kids.  I chose Pot Roast, and so did Ashley.  The kids had Chicken Fingers and Ben Sr had the Pulled Pork.  Ashley wasn't a big fan of the Pot Roast, but I loved it!!  If I wasn't in public, I may have licked the plate!!  lol.  Ben Sr thought his Pulled Pork was very good, and the kids loved their Chicken!!

Soon the lights went out, and the show started.  Now maybe I was wrong to think this, but I assumed an Arabian Nights show would consist of a lot of fighting and people from the Middle East.  This was not the case.  The show was about a modern girl named Christine who finds a lamp and a genie pops out.  The genie decides to help Christine find her prince after telling her that she is a princess

There are a lot of different types of people that came out doing tricks on horseback.  My favorite was a man who jumped through a ring of fire back onto a horse.  I felt bad for the horse, but the trick was neat!!

I liked the show a lot.  I thought it was quite funny and entertaining. The kids didn't think so though.  They got bored with it really quickly.  

I would highly recommend this show for Adults looking for a great dinner and night out.  For young kids, I don't think this is a good fit.  I also recommend getting coupon books before hand or doing a time share pitch.  You can get great discounts.  The show is $70 per person at full price!!

If you get a chance, please say thank you to our wonderful sponsors- Pirate Brands, Starbucks, Aldi's and Sonic!!

**All opinions expressed are 100% my own.  I am not compensated for taking this trip.  I do have some companies that have donated products to help make the trip more fun!!**

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