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Monday, May 7, 2012

Sonny The Sonic- What You Get

I have been posting about all the fun we have had with the Sonic, but I keep forgetting to give you some information about the car itself!!

Here are some of the specs-

5 year, 100,000 Mile Warranty
27 MPG City
37 MPG Highway
MSRP for Standard Vehicle- $18,625

Extra features in our car-

Push button rear door child locks (awesome feature)
6 months of On-Star
Theft Alarm
Keyless entry
Power windows and locks
Heated front seats
Fold down back seat
Steering wheel controls
XM Radio
USB port, and Bluetooth capable
Heated mirrors
Spare Tire!! (a lot of cars don't have those anymore!!)
Cost of our car with options- $20,315

This is a fun little car!!!

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