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Monday, May 7, 2012

Sandro: The Forsaken World

Author: V. F. Porzio

Title: Sandro: The Forsaken World

Author Bio: Vincent F Porzio is an engaging debut writer entering the literary world. Born and
raised in New Jersey, he graduated as an art major with a degree in art history. Yearning to see
the world, he found himself among people from all walks of life, learning from them throughout
the continental United States. His travels took him worldwide where he roamed dark dingy
basements throughout ancient churches in the U.S. and in Europe, studying architecture and
historic art forms of long ago civilizations such as the ancient Romans and Etruscans. His
travels enabled him to not only study people, but to observe their struggles, triumphs, loves and
passions. As a result, creativity and passion for the written page was born.

Synopsis: Sandro is the sweeping tale of the artist Sandro Botticelli and Ernesto, the orphaned boy he rescues. It is a tale of friendship, of fathers and sons, and of love and betrayal. Their story begins
in the basement of the famous Paris library Bibliotheque de Paris then moves to Florence during the
Renaissance, when great masters wielded their art in astonishing ways.

In 1938, the Parisian art critic Jacques Mesnil is assigned to uncover a secret about one of the greatest
artists who ever lived…Sandro Botticelli. During Botticelli's time, Florence was ruled by the wealthy and powerful Medici family who bore a dark secret. The corrupt Pope Alexander VI, who wanted to wrestle control from the Medici family, decried that all power in Italy should be for himself…and he vowed to get it anyway he could. Standing in his way was Florence's crazed priest Giralamo Savonarola with his forceful, non-religious ways, even going as far as to have a mass burning of art.

In an age when conspirators, betrayers and assassins wove their ways through the lives of common
people, Sandro and Ernesto are thrown into a family's dark secret, resulting in jealousy, mystery,
adventure and death.

Sandro Botticelli left his mark on the world…this is his life.


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