SARAH'S BLOG OF FUN: We Really Tried Hard!!! #TheAvengersEvent

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

We Really Tried Hard!!! #TheAvengersEvent

The whole family was excited when Mommy got a cool box in the mail with Marvel's Super Hero Cookie Cutters and The Incredible Hulk Spatula (Thank you Disney, Marvel and Williams Sonoma!!)  

The kids knew what that meant....... COOKIES!!

We do not do anything on a small scale, so we invited some friends and made a party out of cookie making!!

My Mom and Sister joined us, and we set out to make the perfect cookie.

We attempted with sugar cookies first.  All though the cookies looked great before they cooked, the design faded a lot after cooking.  We braved the storm, and designed them anyway.  Here are some of our cookies!!

Yeah, not so good!!!  We then made Peanut Butter cookies, and those came out much better.  The design stayed, even after baking.  I can not say that our decorating skills got any better though.

We are a very competitive family, so there was a challenge issued to see who could make the best cookies.  I have to say My Mom won!!

We had a lot of fun though, and I guess that is all that matters!!!  

This is my favorite cookie out of them all.  We call it Alien Hulk!!!

Oh and just so you all don't think that we are completely pastry making-ly challenged, here is a treat I made!!

Disclosure: No Super Hero's were harmed during the making of these cookies.  Most of the above treats were edible.  If you would like to hire us to decorate cookies for your next party, please talk to your doctor immediately!!


About a Mom said...

Those are great! We had some sad looking Easter egg cookies but the kids had fun and they all got eaten!

JanetGoingCrazy said...

I love the random Easter Bunny right in the middle of all the Super Heroes!! I'm so happy to learn, also, that no Super Heroes were harmed during the cookie festivities!!

Tiffany C. said...

These cookie cutters are so awesome. I've seen them all over the blogosphere.

Emily Stephens said...

I always have a tough time with cookie decorating! Good for you for attempting it AND sharing the photos with us! I'm sure they tasted great.

Emily @FamilyNLifeLV said...

That is too funny! I like the disclosure! Mine have not turned out very well either... :( They actually look like lumps of nothing! But my son believed they were Avengers so that counts right?

Lolo @ Crazy About My Baybah said...

The important thing is that you and your kids had fun!! I think they look great! How did that bunny cookie get in there? lol

Being Tazim said...

Looks like a fun challenge, and a yummy one, too!

Unknown said...

These are super cute! You guys did a great job for your first time :)

Unknown said...

My first rule when cooking with kids: have fun! looked like you all had fun especially the kids so that's 10 fun points for you! ^^)

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