Thursday, April 5, 2012


This guest post from Doris Dillon

It seems like all of the neighbors in our neighborhood have ADT wireless home security. We are new to the neighborhood, and it makes me wonder if they know something we don’t know. Also, being one of the few houses not protected by an alarm, makes me nervous that our home could somehow be targeted. I don’t know, though. This is a rather “richy” neighborhood, so maybe they just want to protect all their stuff. We actually don’t have that much expensive stuff. Our home is the nicest thing we have, and I don’t think anyone can fit our home into their car. LOL! It is something to think about, though. It was actually my husband who noticed and mentioned it to me. I am not sure if we will go ahead and get one or not. He pointed out to me that this may or may not be a keeping up with the Joneses kind of thing. If it is purely about safety, than we should probably do it as well. That’s my thoughts.

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Ronalee said...

I think this is when you just get the sign and post it, so that the bad guys THINK that you are protected.
That is what I would do.

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