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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Green Works Cleaning Products Review

A balanced, natural lifestyle begins with a clean home. That’s why the people at Clorox got to work on a line of products that clean powerfully without harsh chemical fumes or residue.

Something wonderful at work-

The team behind Green Works® took it up as a personal cause. We knew that moms like us were looking for ways to live a more natural lifestyle — and we made it our mission to help them achieve this goal.

Ingredients for success-

The first task at hand? We had to find a formula that was naturally derived, affordable — and worked great. First, we started with what we knew best — how to make things clean. Then we figured out how to make the components of that formula naturally derived.

Putting the "green" in Green Works®-

At the time, there was no industry standard for natural, so we looked at some existing definitions and set the bar even higher. Our products:

Are made with plant- and mineral-based cleaning ingredients.

Come from biodegradable ingredients that are naturally derived

Are not tested on animals.

Use environmentally sustainable packaging whenever possible.

Are acknowledged by the EPA’s Design for the Environment program.

I suffer from chronic sinus infections and migraines.  I have at least one of each a month, and boy do they hurt.  One of the biggest triggers is heavy smells like perfumes and cleaning products.  Those give me a migraine instantly.  

We use a lot of fragrance free products.  I have also found that a lot of Natural products, even with fragrance, are ok.

I have recently become a Green Works Ambassador, and I was sent some of their products to try.

I was sent their All Purpose Cleaner, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, and Cleaning Wipes.

We used the wipes first to clean up strawberry juice from the kitchen floor.  The wipes cleaned quickly, and they smell great!!  No headache for me!!

The All Purpose Cleaner we used to clean the grease from the stove top.  Again great smelling, but it did take a little elbow grease to help.  I used the cleaner on the counter tops too, and it cleaned up nicely!!

Last but not least, we used the Toilet Bowl Cleaner.  I hate cleaning toilets.  It is the worst job in the world.  The Green Works Toilet Cleaner has the curved spout to make aiming easier, and it did help get rid of the yuckiness that is in the tidy bowl.  I found the smell of the cleaner to be a little stronger, but still a nice pleasant smell.

If you are looking to go more green in your every day cleaning, and/or if you are like me and suffer from normal cleaning product smells, give Green Works a try!!!

**All opinions expressed are 100% my own.  I was not compensated for this post.  I was sent the above items to use, but no review post was expected.**

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