SARAH'S BLOG OF FUN: Special $25 Cash Flash Giveaway This Thursday!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Special $25 Cash Flash Giveaway This Thursday!!!

I want to thank each and everyone of you who have voted for me in the Chevy Sonic giveaway!!  I am currently winning, and very excited about it!!!

I am going to host a special $25 cash flash giveaway to thank everyone who voted (or who will!!  hehe)

As an even more exciting thank you, I am giving anyone who wants in, an entry in the giveaway free of charge!!!  You can have one entry for whatever option you want (ie- facebook, twitter etc)

I am going to supply the prize, and all I would ask in return, is that everyone posts about the giveaway on their sites. 

This is going to run this Thursday from 7pm est to 12am est.

If you would like an entry, please fill out the form below.  First come first listed!!!  I will accept entries methods until 1pm est on Thursday, that way I can get everyone the HTML by 3pm.

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