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Friday, February 24, 2012

Dr.Oetker's Pizza Review

It all began with Baking Powder

The development of a family-owned enterprise

In 1891 Dr. August Oetker developed the baking powder Backin at his pharmacy in Bielefeld, Germany. Thanks to the quality of the raw materials and the stable ratio of active ingredients, he was able to guarantee housewives perfect baking results every time. With this outstanding innovation Dr. August Oetker laid the foundation for a major business enterprise and for the brand “Dr. Oetker”.
To increase public awareness of Backin the company published special recipe booklets, ran newspaper advertisements and printed recipe suggestions on the packaging. The goal was to communicate the quality and reliability (“succeeds every time”) of this brand-name product, which more than a century later still enjoys strong sales. Dr. Oetker went on to develop further products such as Gustin and Vanillezucker. Dr. Oetker pudding mix is another product which dates back to the early days of the company’s history.

Due to the success and continuous expansion of the product range, Dr. Oetker rapidly acquired manufacturing facilities. Shortly after the turn of the century the company opened its first food factory, which was then expanded several times in the following years. Production facilities were also established in other European countries. The sustained growth of Dr. Oetker was rooted in the company’s ability to innovate and introduce new products in line with changing consumer requirements. This manifested itself in the decision to enter the frozen food and chilled food segments in Europe.

Today, the Dr. Oetker companies in various countries around the world are managed by Oetker International in Bielefeld, Germany. Although activities center on the markets of Western and Eastern Europe, Dr. Oetker also maintains a presence in North and South America.

Dr. Oetker is a family-owned enterprise, which is headed in the fourth generation by Dr. h. c. August Oetker. The family feels bound by its responsibilities, not only to the company but also to society as a whole. This is reflected in the family’s environmentally oriented approach to corporate management, its initiatives aimed at securing jobs as well as its general social and cultural commitment.

The Oetker family acts according to the principle that “the interests of the company take precedence over the interests of the proprietors”. This is a key factor in the outstanding loyalty and identification displayed by the Oetker workforce.

The Dr. Oetker brand can be seen internationally within baking powders, baking mixes, dessert mixes, cereals, conserves, frozen pizza, frozen pizza snacks, yogurts and chilled desserts and in some countries with national specialities such as savoury snacks and teas.

Pizza= Tradition

Show me one person in this world that doesn't like pizza, and I will slap them!!!  lol

Pizza is like a comfort food.  People eat it for all sorts of different reasons.  It is quick, tasty, and can be eaten for any meal!!!

Recently I was introduced to Dr.Oetkers pizza.  I had never heard about it, until I was sent some coupons to try it.

I went to my local grocery store, and there it was with all the other frozen pizzas.

My store only carried three different types (all though there is 6) so I picked up a couple of each (The store had them on sale this week!!)

We got the Pizza Spinaci, Pizza Mozzarella, and Pizza Funghi.

All three pizzas were delicious!!!  They each had a great thin crust and were loaded with toppings!!!  I have never seen a pizza look like the picture on the box, but these did.

My personal favorite was the Fungi, but I am a huge Mushroom fan!!!  The kids had no favorites, they loved them all!!  Same goes for the hubby!!

The only thing that I wish, was that the pizzas were a little bit bigger.  The four of us ate two and a half pizzas for lunch.  It's still a good deal over all!!

If you are looking for a great pizza to try for your next party, treat or even breakfast, give Dr.Oetkers a try!!  You can find them in your local grocery stores freezer isle!!

**All opinions expressed are 100% my own.  I was not compensated for this review.  I was given some product coupons to try the above items thanks to BuzzAgent.**

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JC said...

I love this pizza! I just bought a whole bunch of them!!

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