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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide- Nuts About Granola Review And ~~Giveaway~~

Like anything in life: all things in moderation. Our granola is made from only all-natural and organic ingredients. We believe in the whole foods diet: consuming only foods in their natural form without any artificial chemicals, dies or preservatives.

Yes, it contains sugar (minimally processed). Yes, it contains fat (unsaturated, good fats) and it also contains whole grains, fiber and protein to make a well balanced, great tasting product you can feel good about eating. It satisfies even the sweetest sweet tooth without breaking the caloric bank.

As much as we would love it if you consumed a bag of granola in one sitting (and had to buy another one…), it is truly meant to be enjoyed, savored and eaten in smaller portions. One serving (only 100-130 calories) is a perfect addition to your yogurt, oatmeal, ice cream or cereal. It adds crunch, full bodied flavor and just the right amount of fiber and protein to keep you fuller longer.

So to answer the question, yes, it is healthy. Just don’t eat the whole bag in one sitting.

What makes us different?

Nuts About Granola is made locally, sourced locally and traded locally. We believe strongly in the power of a thriving local community, one in which values where their food comes from and who makes it. Therefore, we hand make our granola is small batches using only all-natural and organic ingredients.

Why it’s important to use local products

For two reasons:
1.Economic; when using local ingredients produced by independent operations, more tax revenue (73% compared to 43% of a nonlocal operation to be exact) and means for reinvestments stay within the community
2.Environmental; the closer the source, the fewer negative environmental externalities are produced by transportation.

Who loves peanut butter, chocolate and granola??  Who loves all three together??

I do, I do!!!!

Recently I got to try Nuts About Granola- Lovers Combo.  This granola mix includes peanut butter and little chocolate chips.  Oh my was it good!!

Ben Sr and I ate it when the kids weren't around (other wise they would have eaten it all!!!)

It was very fresh, soft, and had the right mix of peanut butter and chocolate.

This is a snack that I would feel great giving to my kids (and me!!)

Nuts About Granola has many other flavors including E-town Carrot Cake (which sounds very yummy!!)

They also have some great gift items to choose from.  I love the Sampler Set which offers samples of 6 different flavors. 

That would be the perfect gift for my Mother!!!

Luckily for one of you, you will have the chance to get a gift set (if you would like!!)

One reader is going to win a $10 gift code to get anything they want!!  The Sampler Set is $10, so its a perfect choice!!


Sarah L. said...

Thank you for the good review!!!

Cross Channel Mojo said...

Really thanks for such an honest review

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