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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Friday Giveaway Link Up

Oh my, only 17 more shopping days till Christmas.

That is scary!!!!

Have a good weekend everyone. I get to go to a Cookie Christmas Party on Saturday. I can't wait!!!

I am working every day at the Post Office till the end of the year now, but I will still be around here as much as I can!!!


Leslie said...

Did you say 17 more days until Christmas? YIKES!

Thanks so much for letting me link my giveaway. The KARMA Necklace that I am giving away would make a great Christmas give for someone special!

Dave Kaiser said...

Thanks for the linky! In addition to raffling off a free iPad 2, you can find all the daily deals from Groupon Living Social and the other top group buy websites at Lots of great savings to be had!

Jane said...

Thanks for hosting this linky! :)

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