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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Survivor Fantasy Game Weeks 8 And 9

I am sorry I didn't post last week, so I am posting two weeks this week!! 

I still can't believe that Ozzy gave himself up like that.  Wow!!

Cochran is very full of himself.  I don't see him as being a good "Double Agent!!" 

It looked like Christine believed Ozzy's story.  We shall see.

Coach doesn't believe Ozzy's story!!!  That could hurt their big plans.

Christine and Ozzy have to build a pole long enough to get keys to open a gate.  Ozzy is doing pretty well.

Ozzy did it!!  Poor Christine.  She busted her butt for many challenges.  She was good!! 

This is the first time in a long time I have seen the two tribes with equal players at the merge!!

Wow Coach is pretty smart.  He knows everything about the red teams secret plan.  It will be interesting to see what happens now!!

Now Cochran goes and tells the blue team (sorry I am horrible at remembering their actual names) that the red team is lying about everything.  I don't know what his strategy is now.

So Dawn and Cochran are their own alliance.  I can't wait to see how that plays out.

One man and one women gets immunity.  They have to hold a coconut on strings while balancing on a small stick.   

Dawn won for the women!!  Ozzy won for the men!!

Ok Ozzy and his team confused me.  I am not sure who they are voting for.  I thought they said Sophie, but then Cochran told Sophie they were voting for Rick.

Cochran has put himself in a bad situation.  I have no clue which way he is going to go.  With his original tribe or the blue team.

This is going to be an interesting vote.  I have no idea how this is going to play out!! 

Ozzy played the immunity necklace for Whitney, but they voted for Keith.  The red team voted for Rick, including Cochran.  Now it comes to a tie vote.

Cochran flipped, and then turned and told his team mates that he did.  I can't blame Jim for being ticked.  Poor Keith!! 

Well at least Keith goes to redemption island and not home yet.

Ok, week 9 of course starts with everyone hating Cochran.  I don't think I would have done what he did.  Now he has a target on his back from his original team.  If he stuck with them, he might have been safe!! 

I honestly hope that Cochran doesn't expect his former tribe to stand up for him at all.  I would have had some choice words for him myself if I was in their shoes!! 

Cochran is not needed anymore.  The blue team can get rid of him and think nothing of it. 

Immunity challenge involves throwing a coconut into a ring.  The first four move on.  Dawn, Sophie, Whitney and Jim make it to move on.  Now they have to crack a coconut, hold the juice in their mouths, run an obstacle course and fill a tube!!

It came down to Sophie and Jim.  Sophie started to choke so Jim pulled it off. 

Wow, Jim is pretty gutsy if he is going to give his necklace to Ozzy.

Tribal was interesting.  There was a lot being said. 

Jim said he would give Ozzy the necklace, but he didn't.  I can't wait to see what happens.

Poor Ozzy was voted out yet again.

It will be neat to see who is stronger next week when it's Ozzy vs Keith.

When I saw the votes, Dawn and Whitney voted for Ozzy too.  I wonder if he knows that.

I can't wait till next week!!!

1. Benjamin "Coach" Wade TAKEN BY Charity and John
2. Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth TAKEN BY Tara
3. Albert Destrade TAKEN BY Farrah Shumway
4. Brandon Hantz TAKEN BY Dena Mullins
5. Christine Shields Markosk TAKEN BY Katsrus
6. Dawn Meehan TAKEN BY Ksceviour
7. Edna Ma TAKEN BY Jeanette
8. Elyse Umemoto TAKEN BY Vhubler

9. Jim Rice TAKEN BY Vicjbr
10. John Cochran TAKEN BY Liza767
11. Keith Tollefson TAKEN BY Shelley T
12. Mark Caruso TAKEN BY Debbie

13. Mikayla Wingle TAKEN BY Sam Buck
14. Rick Nelson TAKEN BY Turq
15. Semhar Tadesse TAKEN BY Dina K
16. Sophie Clarke TAKEN BY Celebrie2
17. Stacey Powell TAKEN BY Ashley S

18. Whitney Duncan TAKEN BY Larissa


katsrus said...

Thanks for keeping us updated.
Sue B

Farrah Shumway said...

I just wanted to say I love reading your play by play. Most of the time we are thinking the same way :) I love survivor & am really happy to be a part of your game. I usually don't post because it takes me a while to watch each weeks episode. I always DVR it & it takes a couple days to get to it. Thanks again for your posts/updates/opinions. I kinda have to vote for my player (Albert) but I am soo rooting for Ozzy :) I'm been his fan for a long time.Oh & Cochran gets under my skin! He has really irritated me with his comments & going again his team.


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