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Monday, November 28, 2011

Please, Please, Please Vote For Me!!!

Today is the last day for the Bring Home The Bacon Contest!!! I am begging all of you to vote for me please!!!! Each vote today counts as two!! I am soooooo close, and I really want to move on to the next round!!!

Thank you!!!


Tara G said...

Voted for you, good luck!

jakiesmom said...

voted, good luck

Unknown said...

Hey - I just clicked on the link to vote through my email subscription. It led me to a "page not found" page. I ended up searching for you and voting. I'm not sure if it's just via email that the link is off or what, but you may want to check. I'm not sure how many people will take the time to search. And you're SO CLOSE to winning - #3 in your state! Good Luck!

Aisha Hassan said...

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