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Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Meet And Greet- Real Mom Reviews

Name- Skye, but better knows as "Mom"

Where do you blog?

A bit about Real Mom Reviews.... As the mother of 6, five under the age of 7, and a 15 year old- I have done my fair share of shopping for baby products. I am a twenty three year old middle class mom from Pennsylvania and I don’t like to part with money unless I know it is on a product I am going to love.

For the longest time I relied on consumer reports and the ratings on websites to influence my decision on what product I was going to buy. But then I took a step back and realized that most people only write a review on a site like that if they do not like the product. Being extremely picky about what I purchased my kids this just was not the type of review I could trust anymore. So I decided to start writing my own.

Five of my favorite things-



Blogging Friends

Singing loud in the car

My iPad

When do you find the time to blog? Some days- I dont sleep! :) I love blogging, I love trying out new things, and I love the look on my kiddos face when a package arrives at the door- however my neighbors think I have a shopping addiction

When did you start blogging? Real Mom Reviews was established November 14th 2010

My favorite blog post ever is "Bottles Are For Baby Dolls"

What brand or product would you really like to work with/review? A mattress!!! I would kill for a new mattress!!

What has been your biggest blogging challenge, how did you overcome it? Getting my husband to realize it was a full time job. It took almost a year for him to realize that my blog is my job! :)

What advice would you give a new blogger? Make blogging friends and join free events

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April said...

Thanks! It'a always fun to find out about other bloggers!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Sarah!

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