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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

TLC's Extreme Couponing Season 2 Starts Tonight- What Do You Think??

TLC's hit show Extreme Couponing season 2 starts tonight (10pm est.)  Are you going to watch it??

I find myself drawn to the show, even though it drives me nuts!!!

Let me explain.  I am a couponer.  I use them for as many items as I can.

I love to hit Target.  That's where I save the most money.  I do save quite a lot at the grocery stores too, but not as much.

Here is a shopping trip I took to Target the other day and all it cost me was $7.50.

Here is why the show drives me nuts.  The items above are things I need and/or will use with in a couple weeks.  I DO NOT go crazy and buy junk that I don't need or will never use (unless I can donate it to the Salvation Army or my local Food Bank)

The very first episode of this show that I saw, I watched a lady get 75 bottles of Mustard and over 100 bottles of aspirin.  Who needs that much??  She didn't even donate any of it. 

Now both Mustard and Aspirin do have expiration dates.  You may be able to use them a little while after that date, but who really needs that much, or could use that much with in a reasonable time frame??  NO ONE!!!

I hate the episodes with these people.  These episodes are FAKE!!!  None of my local stores allow me to use more then 5 (some 4) of the same coupon in one transaction.  Now I admit, if I can get an awesome deal, I will have two maybe three transactions, but these people on this show use 100's of the same coupons in one transaction.

Also, where do they get these extremely high value coupons??  I see some of them with $6.00 off coupons.  You never see those in my area.

What makes me watch the show is the decent people who buy only items they need/will use and the ones who donate a lot of items to charity.

So to me there are plus' to the show and then there are the downsides.

I also think that sense the show started, the coupons I can get have dwindled.  I used to get free toilet paper, laundry detergent, and deodorant.  I have not gotten any free toilet paper in over 5 months.

I would love to know what you think.  Is this show a good thing, bad thing, or you just don't care!!!


Anonymous said...

Bad and one of the reasons I've stopped serious couponing. After do the work to set up a coupon shopping spree, I am not interested in the hassle at the register.

Emily Reviews said...

I haven't seen the show, I don't have cable. But I hate how they encourage incorrect coupon usage so then people go repeat the stuff they do thinking it's okay when it's not.

I had a cashier say "oh, you must watch that show, huh?" because i was using like 15-20 coupons for various items. It saved me like 13 dollars off of a 30 dollar purchase. I mean, to me any money saved is great but it's not like i was going crazy and she clearly meant it in a condescending way. A few minutes later she said "I don't even see why the stores or brands even allow coupons".

Ugh. I hate being treated like I'm doing something wrong when I very diligently work to follow all coupon rules for both the coupon and the store. Frustrating.

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