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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

ML Furs- Denvers Most Trusted Furrier

Marks-Lloyds Furs, Colorado’s oldest and most trusted furrier, has been serving the Denver metro area and beyond, since 1951. Lloyd’s Furs began in 1951, named after its original owner Bill Lloyd. Marks Furs began in 1987 by Richard and Kimberly Gross, respectively the “R and K” in Marks. During 1993, Marks Furs purchased Lloyd’s Furs, merging the two names.

Throughout the last 59 years, technology has changed considerably. Noticing the change in how consumers shop, Richard, the current CEO, and Kimberly, the current COO, best friends since 1970, decided to create a fur e-tail concept displaying the most popular trends in Fur Fashion. Giving rise to

Combined, the current owners have over 57 years of experience in the fur and fashion industry. Their marketing philosophy is based on visualizing not only a fabulous fur, but also how to style and accessorize a look.

Come discover the largest fur collection in Colorado, or shop the web's most extensive collection 24/7 at There is a wide array of fabulous fur coats and accessories from sable and chinchilla to mink, sheared mink, lynx, fox, sheared beaver, and shearlings. Our fashionable, chic, stylish, sophisticated designs originate from all over the world to complete every woman’s wardrobe and lifestyle.

Marks-Lloyds Furs and are the only places to shop for fur coats, and remember, nothing says glamour like fur, and no one says it better than Marks-Lloyds Furs or

ML Furs has a wide variety of Fur Coats, and Fur Jackets for SaleAny type, length or design you could imagine.

Here are two right now, that are on sale!!

Black and White Degrade Sheared Mink Mid-Length Coat with Ranch Mink Trim $6300

Dyed White Degrade Sheared Mink Mid-Length Coat, Natural Long Haired Ranch Mink Collar and Cuffs, Patent Leather Belt, Gathered Track Collar

Sable Coat $66,346

Natural Russian Sable Coat

If you own an exsisting Fur Coat, you can bring it in to ML Furs and trade it for one of their new Fur Coats for Sale.

Trade in your existing fur for a generous allowance towards the purchase of a new fur.

Have an old fur jacket that no longer fits? Did you inherit a fur stole that is simply not your taste? That's good. We can offer you a handsome credit toward the purchase of a new fur jacket, fur coat, or for many of the other gorgeous items in our store.

Our experts will evaluate your fur and provide you with a professionally assessed value. The value amount is good towards the purchase of a new fur from MLFurs.

**All opinions expressed are 100% my own.  This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Blogsvertise**

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