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Monday, September 12, 2011

Hells Kitchen Week 10

The final five again!!

Wow Ramsey can make Salmon fall from the sky!!

I personally do not like Salmon, and I doubt I would be able to cook it properly.  As far as adding ingredients to make it more expensive, I might be able to do that!!!

Elise' dish wasn't very good.  Mac and Ch??  Then of course she was mad she didn't win!!

It's all down to Paul and Jennifer.  Poor Jenn might beat her sweet heart!! 

Paul won!!  Good for him!!  I would have taken Will because he came in second, but it was nice to take Tommy.  No Elise!!!

Will and Jennifer are joking around to make the time go by while cleaning, and Elise is being her usual self!!

Paul is such a goober.  Trying to flirt with the girl chef.  She wasn't going for him!! 

Reminds me of High school with Jennifer being the "jealous wife!!" lol

Wow Tito Jackson was there for dinner!!!

Tommy and Jennifer are not doing very well on apps.  They are not talking at all.

Elise lies a lot.  Jennifer did tell her 2 minutes out.  She doesn't listen.  Jennifer does need to talk more though.

Elise over cooks fish, and then she under cooks it.  Half of that table is waiting for their food.  She doesn't listen when both Ramsey and Paul tell her to cook it on the SKIN!!! 

Tommy left Jennifer because she was dragging him down.  He goes to help Elise, and she bites his head off while she is falling apart.  I am betting Jennifer and Elise are going up for elimination!!

Ramsey kicks them all out, but it was great that he brought Paul and Will back.  They didn't do anything wrong!! 

I can't blame Tommy for being mad, but he never should confront Ramsey like that and disrespect him.  That is a BIG NO NO!!!!
For once Elise said she should go up.  WOW!!!  Then she sits there and calls Will and Paul over to the corner to tell them that she needs them to watch her back.  That's pathetic.  Please send her home, please, please, please!!!   

That was funny that Ramsey gave Paul a curve ball and asked him who the weakest chef is!!!

Paul is an idiot and so is Will for standing up for Elise.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

I am literally pulling my hair out right now that Elise is still on this show.  If she wins, I will never watch this show again!!

No one picked Jennifer so I don't need to say goodbye to anyone. 

Next week is the two hour season finale.  Let's see what happens!! 

1. Amanda Colello
2. Brendan Heavey
3. Carrie Keep TAKEN BY DEBBIE
4. Chino Chang
5. Elise Wims
6. Elizabeth Bianchi TAKEN BY SHELLEY T HUBBY
7. Gina Melcher TAKEN BY LISA
8. Jamie Gregorich
9. Jason Zepaltas
10. Jennifer Normant
11. Jonathon Plumley TAKEN BY NATASHA
12. Krupa Patel TAKEN BY VHUBLER
13. Monterray Keys TAKEN BY VICJBR
14. Natalie Blake TAKEN BY TARA
15. Paul Niedermann TAKEN BY SHELLEY T
16. Steven Paluba
17. Tommy Stevens TAKEN BY KATSRUS

1 comment:

katsrus said...

I sure hope Elise doesn't win. I can't believe she is still there. She is not that good. And I sure would not want to ever work with her.

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