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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Friday Giveaway Link Up

I know summer isn't officially over until the end of this month, but to me it's over.  So sad!!!

Kids are back to school, or soon to be!!  My baby starts Kindergarten on Tuesday!!

I hope everyone had a great week. 

Let me know, are you sad or glad that Kids are back in school??


Literary Winner said...

My daughter starts kindergarten on Wednesday so I will be sniffly with you. Thanks for the linky!

Kaye said...

My son just finished his 2nd week of kindergarten. After I got over the whole "he's such a big boy now" idea, it has really made our schedule easier! Best of luck!

And yes...summer is over once Sept begins although I live in the deep south and it will be warm here through the end of October.

And thanks for the linky!

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